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Welcome to Sharula Estate, based on the highest point in Ballito.
Sharula Estate offers an exquisite setting for your special day, boasting stunning vistas of Ballito and the distant ocean. With banquet-style seating for up to 150 guests, expandable with a marquee option to accommodate up to 200 guests, it's the perfect canvas for your celebration.
Conveniently located just 6km from central Ballito, 27km from King Shaka International Airport and 34km from Durban in Kwazulu Natal, accessibility meets charm at Sharula Estate.
Discover the enchanting garden ceremony areas at Sharula Estate, designed to elevate your wedding day to unforgettable heights.
First, immerse yourself in the charm of The Arch Ceremony Area, enveloped by verdant hedges, lush flower beds, and expansive rolling lawns. It's a picturesque setting that promises romance and tranquility, ideal for exchanging vows surrounded by natural beauty.
For those seeking panoramic vistas and a touch of grandeur, our Protea Garden Ceremony Area awaits. Sharula Estate is perched atop the highest point in Ballito, this space offers sweeping views that stretch as far as the eye can see, framed by beautiful Protea bushes. It's a breathtaking backdrop that will capture the essence of your love story against nature's most stunning canvas.
The heart of our estate, the Marula Tasting Room, sets the stage for your wedding reception. Its spacious design welcomes the outdoors in, highlighted by expansive doors and a lofty double-volume ceiling keeping the hall cool during the summer season.
Nestled on a Marula farm, Sharula Estate boasts over 100 Marula trees aged between 4 to 8 years. Adjacent is a vibrant orchard with over 20 fruit tree varieties, a promise of future flavors for our Marula wine and products. As we eagerly await our inaugural harvest, our commitment to quality and tradition shines through.
In African cultures, weddings hold profound significance, and the Marula tree occupies a central role in these festivities. Revered as the "Marriage Tree," it symbolises enduring strength and fertility for couples. During ceremonies, the bride and groom share a cup of Marula juice, uniting their families and sealing their bond. The Marula tree's auspicious presence extends to newlyweds, believed to bestow blessings and prosperity. Many couples commemorate their union by planting a Marula tree, a living testament to their love.
Celebrate your special day surrounded by the timeless beauty and cultural richness of Sharula Estate.


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Wedding Venue

Your wedding day is a day you wait for your entire life. You've planned it all down to the very last detail.
Now it is time to book your venue with us!
Our "Marula Tasting Room" is the perfect venue for your special day.
Seats 150 people banquet style.

Add a marquee at your own cost to cater for more guests. Maximum 200 guests on site.

Functions & Events

Looking for somewhere unique and special to host your function?
Book our "Marula Tasting Room". Seats 150 people banquet style. Additional space available should you wish to add a marquee to cater for more guests. Add a marquee at your own cost to cater for more guests. Maximum 200 guests on site.
# Networking and Cocktail Receptions
# Lunches and High Teas 
# Private Dinners and Themed Events 

# Meetings and Conferences

Marula Tasting


Sharula ... An African Story...
Our Sharula trees are still in the development stages and we will let you know as soon as our products are available. 
With panoramic views over Ballito and the tranquil surrounds you will find it an idyllic place to spend time learning about the Marula Legends. 
We look forward to hosting an annual Marula Festival in the coming years.

The Marula Farm

Previously the farm produced sugar cane which we have converted into a Marula orchard.
We have over 100 Marula Trees in our orchard and they are between 3 and 6 years old.
In addition we have over 20 fruit trees in a separate orchard for the future flavours of our Marula wine and products.
We have been waiting patiently for our first harvest which should be in the coming year.

We will keep you updated on our progress.

An African Story

Marula Tree (Scelerocarya Birrea)

The Marula tree has a history that dates back thousands of years. Archaeological evidence has shown that this tree has been a nutritional source since about 10 000 BC. The Marula fruit and nut are rich in minerals and vitamins and can reach a height of 18 m. Its fruits and leaves are enjoyed by waterbuck, warthog, elephant, giraffe, kudu and elephant. The green Marula fruit is the size of a small plum, and very juicy and flavourful. It is high in vitamin C and can be eaten fresh. It is also cooked and used to produce juices, jams and alcoholic beverages.

Marula Legends

Legends about Marula abound - from its use as a food source, magical qualities as a healing ingredient, to its virility/fertility properties, and the many uses of its bark, leaves, fruit, nut and kernels. Legends include Feast of First Fruits, The Marriage Tree, Determining Babies' Gender, Sangoma's Dice, Fertility Fruit, The Elephant Tree, The King's Nut, and Fire Water.

It is known to the Zulu as the "marriage tree," for it is a symbol of fertility and is used in rituals before marriage. 

The Marula Tasting Room

The Protea Garden Ceremony Area

The Marula Tasting Room Reception hall accommodates 150 guests
Checked Jasmin Arbour for welcome drinks
Jasmin Mini Lapa for cocktail hour and canapes
Use of 20 x Wooden Dining Trestle Tables, seats 8 per table
Use of 7 x Metal Trestle tables for a buffet
Use of 4 x Small Tables which may be used as a Cake, DJ, Present or Signing Table
Use of 150 x Black Plastic armless Ancona chairs
Use of 35 x Wooden benches for a Garden Ceremony Event, seats 4 per bench
Use of Boutique Modern Serving Bar for Drinks
Use of Stylish White Metal Easel for a Table Seating Board or Welcome Board (excludes board)
Use of a White Lectern
Use of the Kitchen for plating your meals - no cooking is permitted in the kitchen or on site
Garden Lighting, Fairy Lights in the Hall, Rope lights on the staircase and Dance Floor bulb lights
Jungle Gym for Kids
Security for Night Events only
Onsite Parking




I am grateful and thankful for your venue. It is a beautiful place! I had such a wonderful 40th birthday party with close friends and family.

Noni Mokoena

Thank you so much Kim for such a beautiful place and also being so understanding with all our requests. I just love your venue.

Mellissa & Wandile

Thank you Kim and Warren for the beautiful wedding venue and all your help along the way. You guys are absolutely amazing. Our guests absolutely love the venue!

Da'nel & Antonio


How to find us!

Tel : 079 847 9660
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Sharula Estate is 6km / 10 minutes drive from central Ballito, KZN.
From Lifestyle Centre Drive down Ballito Drive towards Builders Express, Turn left onto the R102, drive for 800m, Turn right onto Esenembi Road / P387, drive for 1.8km, Turn right onto the D176 gravel road directly after the Microlight Airfield, Take the D176 turnoff and drive 3.1 km down the D176.
GPS Coordinates : -29.47013, 31.15712  
Durban to Sharula Estate : 43 mins drive
King Shaka International Airport to Sharula Estate : 23 mins
Hillcrest to Sharula Estate : 1hr 7 mins
Richards Bay to Sharula Estate : 1hr 29 mins
Pietermaritzburg to Sharula Estate : 1hr 36 mins
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